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Stubbs The Zombie In "Rebel Without A Pulse" is a third-person action video game developed by Wideload Games and published by Aspyr Media, and built with the Halo engine. It was released on October 18, 2005 for the Xbox video game console, and was released for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X in November that same year. The game was released on February 10, 2006 in Europe. Later, Valve Corporation made the game available for purchase via Steam on May 17, 2007. This title became available on Microsoft's Xbox Live Marketplace as an Xbox Originals on May 19, 2008. Later, Wideload was bought by Disney, so the game became unavailable on Steam. However, rights have been bought by Aspyr Media. It got re-released on March 16, 2021.


Plot Summary[]

Welcome to Punchbowl[]

26 years after his death, Andrew Monday, Maggie's son, built a city on top of his not-so-final resting place. In 1959, just minutes after the cities opening ceremony, Stubbs rose from his grave, interrupting a couple who were sharing a hot dog when his hand emerges from the ground, comically snatching the hotdog from their hands. One of the Guidebots saw what happened and, after scolding him, took the hotdog. However, one of the teenagers, Ted, proceeds to yell at him, resulting in his demise at the hands of Stubbs, while the other teen, Judy, flees. Despite his appearance and actions, the Guidebot decides to give him a tour of the city. Not long after the tour begins Stubbs is stopped by two police officers, who, thinking him a bum and not wanting to touch him, comically turn around and wait for him to enter the police car, prompting an abrupt lobotomy courtesy of Stubbs. This action alarms the four nearby officers who draw their weapons and order him to freeze. Using his gas power he disables them, eats their brains, and continues the 'tour.'

After spreading chaos outside, Stubbs proceeds into the capital district which he attacked and ate most of the civilians' brains, but this time the police is aware of what happened in gates district, the nearby officers try to kill him but he is saved by his undead allies, Stubbs escapes via the monorail.

Bleeding Ground[]

He found a poster saying that Maggie is in the biodome district. Entering it, he attacks a police officer and he saw Maggie with Mr. Skegness and a Barbershop Quartet. Skegness carries Maggie away and calls all the officers inside the biodome. He sees an abandoned Sod-o-Mobile and uses it to take out all the officers that attack him. After he killed all the officers he goes to the surveillance room he eats the brains of the officers and scientists in the room. He saw Maggie escaping and he followed them, in the process, he killed all of the scientists. When he was close to them, Skegness distracts him. After leaving the biodome he goes to the nearest gas station and hides in the restroom. He was noticed by Otis Monday.

The Slammer[]

Stubbs attacks the central police station. When entering the station, three criminals who were on trial saw him and got their brains eaten. Some detectives attempt to shoot him but he easily kills them, he then continues his attack. Sometime later, Chief Masters finally notices them and alerts the officers inside the station, and then a battle occurs between the zombies and police. Stubbs proceeds to Masters' office, but he was captured by riot police. He's gonna be examined, but scientists forgot their instruments. Wanting to live, he tears off his left hand and it goes to find him a puppet. Puppet rescues Stubbs. Chief Masters is angried, because the inmate was free, so all policemen here went for Stubbs. But Stubbs defeats them and goes to Masters's office.

Cop Rock[]

It turned out that Chief Masters literally wanted to dance on Stubbs's grave, and declares a dance battle. Stubbs proved that the dead can dance too. Chief was so happy that he started dancing very fast and didn't notice Stubbs's gut grenade on his leg. He explodes with the arsenal and Stubbs is thrown up by the explosion.

Painting the Town Red[]

While the news say about the monster walking on the streets of Punchbowl, and only a few decide to get away. But Judy and her new boyfriend - Fred are in the car on the roof. Not listening to this and not thinking so much about Ted's death, they want to kiss. Suddenly, Stubbs falls on their car, frightening them, and falling off the roof. Stubbs stands up and continues eating policemen. The police officers, detectives and riot policemen want to kill him, but fail, so he proceeds to warehouse right in front the mall. Meanwhile, the mall was declared to be 'evacuation center'.

Punchbowl Maul[]

Right before the Stubbs came, Otis had gathered a crowd of militiamen (Quaker State Irregulars) and they had been ready to fight. Two militias went to warehouse and saw Stubbs, but were killed. He also kills militias and the reinforcements outside the mall. Going to the highest floor, he sees Otis and his friend, a big highlander with a chainsaw named Cletus. After the hard ''texas massacre'', Stubbs has time to chase Otis. Otis is waiting for the strongman and started riding away, thinking that he run over Stubbs. But Stubbs hitched under the car.

Fall of the House of Otis[]

In the farm he kills militiamen. After reaching Otis's house, they assault the house with scarcely barricaded windows and one non-barricaded door. They kill whole Quaker State militia. Stubbs goes to ill-prepared with dynamite Otis. However, when Otis sees Stubbs, he recognises him and is horrored to see the man again. Stubbs takes a match from Otis and lights his own cigarette. He decides to throw it at the dynamite. On the way back he stumbles over a sheep and the house explodes. Stubbs stands up and sees a photo of Otis, Maggie and Andrew. He mounts the sheep and goes away.

When the Zombies Break[]

Stubbs arrives at the dam station and feels the need to relieve himself. Stubbs goes inside looking for a suitable latrine, only to overhear a scientist mention that if a zombie were to "have a wee" in the water supply, they'd be done for. With this idea, he climbs to the top of the reservoir with intent of peeing into it. He succeed and the water was infected. Turning on the generators, he later watches Wye's videotape about breaker boxes and their connection to dam. Stubbs pushes zombies to breaker boxes. This leads to destruction of dam and the big wave approaches.

The Sacking of Punchbowl / Offender[]

The soldiers are called. Stubbs wakes up due to Andrew Monday's speech on TV. Also, the city was filled with land mines. Stubbs uses the zombies to break the wall in front of the library. Right before he moves to the laboratory, Doctor Wye told the soldiers to capture "the zombie with a red tie", but they couldn't guarantee him either that or saveness of the lab. Stubbs and a mob of the zombies approach the lab, but suddenly a tank shots. Stubbs evades and goes there.

The Doctor Well See You Now[]

The Doctor contacts Edward and offers something in exchange of a visit. Coming through squads of armed scientists, he finally reaches Wye. Doctor tells him that Stubbs has been ressurected by the powerful fertilizer and wants to create immortal 'ideal civillians'. But he needs the Patient Zero, because they aren't stable and explode. The zombie has damaged and enraged the scientist, but Dr. Wye uses his laserspex... only for Pumpbot to block him and explode. Wye is dead now and Stubbs exits, while Pumpbot talks to him.

Paved with Good Intentions[]

The city has already turned from the American dream to the complete nightmare. Edward is motivated by advertisement with Maggie talking about her love of candies and flowers and even bigger love of man gifting her those. He must go through the road of enemies paved with good intentions. In the first area he survives a bombardment. In the next area he finds it cleared out by the army and a tank. However, he manages to capture a tank. In the third, from the soldiers' talk he learns about using of 'Fattie' (a bomb) and fall of the city. Then, he finds gift shop and takes flowers and candies. After the hard way he enters the city hall.

The Ghoul of Your Dreams[]

Stubbs encounters the Internal Security Quartet (Monday's mercenaries) and fights them. On the third floor he meets Barbershop Quartet, including Sonny Skegness, who wants to get Maggie. Stubbs, however, kills them. Guidebot is also encountered, finally notices that Stubbs started a chaos and reveals about atomic bombardment in 5 minutes. Stubbs meets Andrew and Maggie. Andrew wants to kill Stubbs, but Maggie recognises him and tells Andrew that this is his father and that her dad (Otis) killed him back in 1933. Maggie and Edward run to each other, hug, and he bites her. Andrew is heavily angered and is going to kill father, but gets defeated. His father wants to bite him but is stopped by now infected mother. They both go outside and manage to escape this cursed authoritharian city on the boat right before the atomic bombardment. Andrew doesn't, but his parents kiss anyway.

List of Characters[]

Primary Character[]

  • Edward "Stubbs" Stubblefield - Former travelling salesman and now an intelligent zombie


  • Maggie Monday - Eddie's "earth angel" and Andrew's mother
  • The Guidebot - Punchbowl's guidebot showing city to Stubbs
  • The Pumpbot - Gastopia's pumpbot who eventually saves Stubbs from Dr. Wye
  • The Sheep - Sheep used by Stubbs as a transport
  • Zombies - Army of Stubbs's friends


  • Andrew Monday - Stubbs and Maggies' son and founder of Punchbowl
  • Chief Masters - dance-loving Police Chief
  • Citizens - Many townsmen hostile to Stubbs
  • Cletus - Otis's chainsaw-holding friend
  • Dr. Hermann Wye - Nazi scientist responsible for Punchbowl technologies and zombie outbreak
  • Internal Security Quartet - Mercenaries serving as Andrew's personal guards
  • Otis Monday - Maggie's father who killed Stubbs
  • Police - The law enforcement in Punchbowl
  • Prisoners - Rascals hostile to both policemen and zombies
  • Quaker State Irregulars - Otis Monday's militia
  • Scientists - Scientists willing to examine zombies
  • Sonny Skegness - Head of Internal Security Quartet
  • Ted - young guy who yelled at Stubbs
  • U.S. Army - Soldiers trying to prevent zombie apocalypse


  • Fred - Judy's new boyfriend
  • Judy - Dream of some teenagers
  • Punchbots - Robots intended to serve the city


  • The similiar games are:
    • Bloodrayne - is about a half-vampire with similiar abilities.
    • Destroy All Humans - also in the 50's and is about Roswellian aliens.
    • Land of the Dead (1999) - also has character Otis and similiar farm.
    • No One Lives Forever - also has absurd humour, funny enemies, parodies old films (about spies), crazy moments, Cold War humour. It's in the rights' limbo as Stubbs the Zombie once was.
  • During the game there's a green filter on the screen to resemble old films and zombie vision. It doesn't appear only in cutscenes, first half of the first level, and main menu. In re-release it can be disabled now.